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A failed experiment to see if incredibly suspicious and disruptive behavior on a plane from Detroit to New York City would cause any alarm. Unfortunately, as a white female even the action of dancing around with my face and body fully obscured on a moving plane was completely acceptable and one of the flight attendants, Mary, even turned the lights on in the plane and happily recorded the entire performance. 

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Check out where DELTA Flight 1187 is right now. 

Even as an individual who does not fly very often, I am still frequently cleared for TSA Pre-Check. Sometimes, the airport security doesn’t even ask for my ID. This is surprising, especially because I have received a couple parking tickets, been pulled over for speeding, and even gotten a citation from local suburban police. But here at the airport, or on a plane, I can wear a green screen suit regardless of my record, because somehow obscuring my entire body with a mask and dancing around on a plane is an appropriate action even in the depths of today’s political climate. The fact that this performance was received in such a manner is incredibly disturbing. Perhaps these flight attendants were less suspicious than the ones broadcasted on the news, but it seems more likely that this somewhat docile action was only acceptable because of my race. Unfortunately this work only confirms the drastic variety of treatment different colored bodies face with a guise of humor. Leveraging my race, and putting myself in a potentially risky situation for the sake of doing so, are privileges I didn’t earn. I am not sure how to proceed with the information gathered from this experiment.