For the 2018 Edition of the CMU International Film Festival, I planned the opening night and following receptions. Opening night featured the premiere of Life and Nothing More. 


The screenings took place in the McConomy Auditorium in the CMU University Center as well as in the Carnegie Museum of Art, and the Melwood Screening Room with Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

diagrams 2 mconomy 1.png

The guests as they arrive and IFF team preparing for a showing. 


Each screening required a slightly different set-up due to expected attendance, unique catering, and room availability so the plans for each space had several iterations. 

diagrams 2-mconomy 2.png

The festival includes workshops and questions with some of the featured directors. 


The Danforth Lounge held our receoption for opening night. 

diagrams 2 danforth.png

Live music for opening night from a CMU student Jazz duet. 


The Danforth Conference Room was used during opening night for catering and refreshments. 

diagrams 2-conference.png

The team cleaning up after a long day of work. 


A special thank you to our team for all the hard work and dedication.